Sediment Capture Syphon Barge

The Sediment Capture Syphon Barge can capture sediment to build a levy enclosure around open salt water. The Tide Pump system will pump out the enclosure and bring back dry land.


Renewable Energy Icon

100% Renewable Energy

This barge is being developed to operate on solar power meaning it will operate completely on renewable energy.

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Millions of Dollars in Savings

The government spends over 100 million dollars every year to dredge the Mississippi River. This technology does not use fossil fuel which has the potential of saving millions of dollars in fuel costs.

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The Wetlands

Once developed, this technology can play a significant part in saving the Louisiana wetlands efficiently.

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How Does It Work?

This video shows the sediment syphon barge successfully operating and capturing sediment over a 5 minute period using an inch and a half pipe. Further development will show if the amount of sediment captured will grow exponentially when you increase the pipe size to a 6″ diameter pipe.