If the weather service announced that there is a hurricane developing in the Gulf of Mexico 200 miles south of Louisiana and is expected to make landfall southwest of Morgan City, LA, in the wetlands. Would it be cause for alarm?

It is reported that this hurricane is like none other seen before. It is expected to grow in intensity beyond a category 5 storm with hurricane force winds reaching out 150 miles from the center to the east and to the west. Within the winds are category 5 tornadoes lined up side by side 150 miles in both directions and is moving north so slowly that the speed is hardly detectable.

It is said that if it continues on its path, it will destroy all buildings and structures beyond repair and make South Louisiana unlivable. If while it is traveling North, would anyone be doing their occupation in the wetlands, or would everyone stop what they are doing and get out of the way?
Now, if someone were to announce they have a technology that could turn that hurricane into a tropical storm before landfall, and everyone is needed to implement the technology. Would anyone be interested in helping?

The technology is that the weather service will issue a phone number for everyone in South Louisiana to call and hold their phone up toward the sky on a certain day and time facing South. The sound emitted from the phone will create a vibration in the atmosphere that will cause clouds to deteriorate and create wind shear over South Louisiana. When the hurricane encounters the wind shear, it will be ripped apart. The more people holding their phones up, the more effective it will be. Cell phones will be issued to anyone who needs one.

This looming catastrophe is not a hurricane, it’s actually ocean level rise. The Metaphor is: We are approaching landfall of this catastrophe.
The Coastal Protection Restoration Act (CPRA) announced it is looking for, projects that continue to provide benefit in the face of sea level rise.
It’s reported that the residents of Isle DeJean Charles are the first climate change refugees in Louisiana.

Use your cell phone to get rewards and donate to help.