$100 Reward

$100 REWARD to the first person who can find the area of a circle without using Pi (3.14) on a calculator! If you know the equation, email it to me at info@greenaccessibility.com. If the equation is correct, I will give you the $100.  This is not a contest or competition, it’s just me looking for someone who knows the equation. I have asked many people from various backgrounds and no one has been able to provide the equation that gives the same result as A=πr2. I came across the equation while doing research and development on the Tide Pump project. The $100 was donated by one of my supporters who received cash back from online rewards. They donated $100 of their cash back money for the purpose of the reward. If you would like to give a donation to increase the reward, let me know.
So why the equation?
If I were to show you the equation, you will never go back and use A=πr2 to find the area of a circle unless you have a tradition with Pi or another reason. This equation has the same characteristics of the Tide Pump technology being developed. After using the Tide Pump technology to address the wetlands effort, it is my estimation that you will never go back and use the current method being used in the wetlands.
If Archimedes would not had given us 22/7 (3.14285) and others perfecting it to 3.14159 as it is today, how can you find the area of a circle if Pi does not exist? Here is the clue. It takes less time and uses less digital space than using Pi on a calculator. Using less digital space can be significant. Over $300 billion worldwide was spent preparing for Y2K. In 1970, software writers tried to save money by using less digital space because a kilobyte cost $1. So to save digital space, the number 19 was removed from the date 1970. Which changed the written date 1/1/1970 to 1/1/70. When 1999 was approaching it was deemed that computers will not be able to go to the year 2000 (Y2K) because the thousands and hundreds columns were removed and the computers would revert back to 1900. Banks, the power grid, and other computer dependent businesses could potentially shut down. The effort to fix the problem averted the shutdown. This all happened because 2 digits were removed from the date. Also, NASA lost communication with a $320 billion space craft. After searching the problem, it was concluded that the on board computer was stuck in reboot cycle and could not go to the next step, similar to the Y2K problem. 
If the equation has no other application other than that it is easier to calculate, it’s worth for mankind to know it. I built an apparatus that needs precision which shows how to arrive at the equation. It is interesting to note that there is another way. Perfecting the apparatus may be another challenge for mankind. 
Here is another clue to not using Pi, the equation uses the diameter. If you take the diameter of a circle and calculate it using πr2, you will find the area of the circle.  If you take the diameter of a pipe and calculate it with the height and width, you will be able to construct a compartment for the pipe. The question is, are these 2 equations considered to be 1 equation because they both use a diameter, or are they 2 completely separate equations? How far into a series of calculations does Pi go before it is not used? If the diameter is used in another equation, is Pi attached to the diameter into infinity?  Finding the size of a compartment and finding the area of the circle both have a relationship with the diameter. So in conclusion, it is my speculation that they are 2 separate equations.
If no one provides the equation within a reasonable amount of time, I will conclude that no one has it.  Upon my discretion at that time, I will put the reward money into research and development.
This $100 offer was announced on June 25, 2024
Richard C. Russo