The Tide Pump as illustrated in the how it works video can be manufactured with long lasting materials into a vertical box culvert type structure then shipped to the embankment area. The TV-16 Cheniere au Tigre and west Holly Beach shoreline demonstration projects use large rocks to perform their purpose, which is to protect the acreage of the interior brackish marshes by reducing the rate of beach erosion through the use of segmented breakwaters.

Using the box culvert structures instead of rocks to create the breakwater embankment, will produce energy that can then be used to help rebuild the wetlands and provide for its maintenance. Using the tide, wind, wave and solar energies to drive the pump will increase its value. The tide and wave mechanisms are basically housed in the culvert that protects them from the elements, but the wind turbine and solar panels are subject to storm damage and vandalism. Nevertheless, all 4 energies are concentrated into one force in the embankment.